World AIDS Day


In honor of World AIDS Day, I am sharing this prayer, A Mishebeirach for those dealing with HIV/AIDS, written by Rabbi Marc Israel and Rabbi Daniel Polish.

God who blessed our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel, be with all of those who struggle with HIV and AIDS, whose health has been impaired by this illness and whose lives have been placed in jeopardy.

Give them courage and strength to face their illness and hope for a cure that will embrace them in life.

May your healing presence envelop those who have contracted HIV and those who may be living with AIDS. Through your caring and the wisdom You have imparted to human healers, they have been enabled to succeed in their struggle with their disease. Keep them on the path of Health and life.

Be with those who care for people with HIV/ AIDS and attend to their needs. Bless them with strength and compassion as they labor to ease the lives of those who look to them for comfort and well-being. Let them know the value of their labors, and assist them in their noble work.

Share your wisdom with those searching for an ultimate cure for this disease. Bestow your healing knowledge upon them and reward their efforts with fulfillment.

Bless all of us with compassion and understanding that we may see all those afflicted as You see them: not as recipients of some sort of retribution, but as worthy objects of our concern and love.

May the day come speedily when this scourge too, like so many before it will not afflict Your children and all of us are liberated from the shadow of its terror.


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