#Hoops4Hope: Free Throw Challenge Benefiting Yad B’Yad, Arab-Jewish, Schools In Israel


To help raise money to recover from the damage caused by the recent arson attack at Yad B’Yad, a Jewish—Arab Coexistence school, I’d like to propose a new version of the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” that was so successful last summer.

Here’s the idea. Find a hoop somewhere. Outside, inside, doesn’t matter. Shoot 18 Free Throws. The number eighteen is considered auspicious in the Jewish tradition because the gematira (alpha-numeric equivalent) of 18 is chai, the word for life. For every free throw you make, please donate however many dollars you can afford to Yad B’Yad , so that they can recover from the damage and hopefully even build other schools and grow their programs. You can leave a comment about your shooting percentage and/or post a link for a video on my blog.

I pledged 5 dollars a basket and my daughter also pledged 5 dollars a basket. Here is my Hoops4Hope video, now its your turn. 


Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, you are encouraged to invite (harass) other people to participate too.

I’m challenging basketball coaches Larry Brown, Bruce Pearl, Ben Braun, Joe Pasternak and Lindsay Gottlieb to shoot a higher percentage than a forty five year old rabbi who hasn’t played organized basketball since the eighth grade.

C’mon and show your players that you practice what you preach and that those of us over 22 can still shoot free throws better than those who aren’t. I’m also calling out Roxy Bernstein of ESPN, who made the practice squad at Cal, to show he’s still got it. Oh, I almost forgot, Mr. President, I’m challenging you too, sir. If you can beat Clark Kellogg in a game of “Horse,” then this will be a piece of cake. Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas, gentlemen, I look forward to seeing your results too. By participating in #Hoops4Hope, your free throws will help to maintain a free society where Israel’s greatest asset, its children, can learn and play in peace.


If people need advice on free throw shooting, please contact the following experts for guidance: Shaquille O’Neal, Derek Rose, Chris Weber, Willy Cauley-Stein, Nazr Mohammed, Derrick Coleman and D’Andree Jordan.


Please go to http://www.handinhandk12.org to donate and learn more. Should you wish can make your donation in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as I suggest in my previous blog post.

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