A Prayer In Honor of Labor Day

8c0d00d46a4905ec9cef60e7c1ee6728God of Our Mothers and Fathers, God of Labor and Love, Purpose and Profession, Jobs and Justice:

We give thanks for the good things that work lends to our lives and promise to lead lives of good works.

We pray to “bring more than a paycheck to our loved ones and families.” *

That the worth of our work can be measured by more than money.

That the things we do make a difference.

That our jobs allow us to be more than good consumers.

We pray that “the work of our hands have lasting value.” **

And that the capacity for lasting value remains in our hands.

Let our work be a labor of love.

And let love be ever present in our labor.

Recalling that avodah means both “work” and “prayer” may we be mindful that prayer is a form of work.

And remember that work is a form of prayer.

May this be our Blessing and let us say:


* “More than a Paycheck” written and recorded by Sweet Honey and The Rock.

**Psalm 90:11—17 see rendering in Gates of Prayer.

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