Tefilat Ha’Derech for the Women’s March

https3a2f2fcdn-evbuc-com2fimages2f266583372f1970606285512f12foriginal            God Who Blessed our Mothers: Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel and our Fathers: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; God who delivered our ancestors during difficult times, guided them on perilous journeys, comforted them in times of sorrow, provided for them in times of famine and encouraged them in times of crisis.

We ask Your blessing now on women and men, parents and grandparents, children, and grandchildren as they prepare for tomorrow’s March for Women’s Rights in Washington.

If confronted with madness and misogyny may they maintain focus on the meaning of this moment and the merit of their message.

If assailed by intolerance and insults strengthen them with insight and intelligence.

If provoked by prejudice and pettiness grant them patience and perseverance.

May they march in peace and go forward with sense of purpose.

May they be recognized for what they stand for, and acknowledged for what they won’t allow to stand.

From the moment they load up the car, board the train, buckle in for the flight or get on the bus, until the moment they return home to warm welcomes, help these messengers of our people to be heard not only in our nation’s capital but all across our country and throughout the world.

May they go in peace, pursue peace and return in peace.

May The One Who watched over our Mothers and Fathers throughout their journeys in ages past, watch over those who undertake this journey in the name of a just and loving future.

Hazak Hazak V’Netchazek, May you always go from strength to strength.


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